Why Use An Image Search Online Instead Of Google Lens?

An online image search has many benefits. But should you use tools other than Google Lens?

Google Lens, otherwise known as Google Revers Search online, is a tool that allows users to reverse search an image. However, Google Lens is ideal for mobile phone users, as it captures images and then looks for objects within them.

Now, how does it make it any different than any other CBIR-based tool? Because this tool uses the mobile phone camera to capture images. But then again, you can take the picture and upload it on any other image search online to do the same thing.

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However, it’s the reputation of Google that makes this tool favored by many. So, how does Imagesearch.online triumph it in reverse searches? In order to understand that, we have to understand the making of these tools.

Therefore, let’s dive in and find out how Imagesearch.online delivers it better.

What Is An Image Search Online? Why Do You Need It?

ImageSearch.Online is a reliable CBIR tool that allows users to reverse image search easily. It sports a relatively easy UI design that helps you comprehensively understand its working. 

Why Do You Need Image Search Online

As you can see here, the tool sports a simple UI Design, which allows you to conduct thorough reverse searches. Moreover, the tool is enthused with AI and cutting-edge algorithms to find similar images. What makes it an ideal option for your searches?

  • It employs deep web searches
  • It can help you find similar objects
  • It easily finds similar or same places
  • It can help you identify object names
  • Helps you identify people
  • It’s ideal to ensure finding your own images

These are some of the main reasons you need this tool. It doesn’t only capture the essence of your images; it can help you find them in reverse. That’s one of the primary reasons it’s growing in popularity among photographers and graphic designers.

What Is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a mobile phone app that allows you to capture an image in a bid to find its contents. It’s also an online tool, but it only allows you to upload your images instead of capturing them. Since Google has a vast database of indexed images, it can thoroughly identify any objects or places within a picture. 

Moreover, since it’s from Google, it accompanies any android phone released nowadays. That’s why every other android user employs it to find images online. However, it does require you to use your camera instead of uploading a picture.

That’s why many people find it a little inconvenient on their phones compared to an online image finder such as ImageSearch.Online. This is one reason many users prefer to use an online tool instead of this application. 

3 Elements That Make ImageSearch.Online Better At Finding Images

In order to understand the key differences between Google Lens and Image Search Online, it’s imperative that we find out how the latter works. 

The three significant aspects that make this tool a remarkable addition to anyone’s arsenal are its quick searches, access to vast databases, and thorough usage of CBIR. Its quick and easy UI nature makes it an ideal tool for online image searches.

So, to help you understand just how it does that, here are three major steps and benefits:

1. Quicker Searches

Once you visit ImageSearch.Online, you are greeted with the basic UI, as mentioned before. However, once you upload the picture and prompt it to search, you will see this:

Quicker Searches

As you can see, the tool is searching, and the four red boxes animate when searching for your image. They’re lightning-fast because our tool is rapid in finding your images. This makes it really difficult to capture the screenshot. 

Moreover, this is one of the primary reasons it stands out as a viable option when compared to Google Lens.

2. More Sources

When you find images on Google Lens, it identifies the key objects within it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find your image or anything pertaining to it. Our tool, when compared to that, find images that are similar in appearance and context, such as this: 

More Sources

As you can see, besides our own search, the tool has detected various other images. All of these images are related or similar to one another. This doesn’t mean Google Lens isn’t a good tool, but it may not be ideal when you compare it to these sources.

Speaking of which, you can notice it presents you with many sources. You have to hover over each image to click and find the source behind it.

3. Easy Use 

Perhaps the best possible factor for choosing ImageSearch.Online over Google Lens is its easy UI. Once again, here it is: 

Easy Use

This UI design is something we worked thoroughly on. As you can see, it’s simple and effective. It doesn’t need to offer flashy options or overly complicated choices. Instead, it relies on the basics to help the user find their desired images.

Why Should You Use It Instead of Google?

This whole article answers this question, but to help you understand the beneficial factors, here are the main benefits of using ImageSearch.Online over Google Lens. 

  1. Find Images From Deep Web

Google has many indexed websites, but sometimes, it doesn’t index websites with a lot of images or pictures. That’s why it might skip a few images from the deep web. On the other hand, our tool ensures you get results from all over the net.

  1. Find Similar Images

When you are looking for similar images, Google Lens might skip your desired result and focus on an objective or person in a picture. Contrary to that, our tool uses advanced CBIR techniques to ensure finding images that are wholly similar to your query.

  1. Link Unfindable Images 

If you are looking for an image source, our tool quickly provides you with that. All you need to do is click on the images that it searches, and copy the link.


These are some of the reasons you should be using Image Search Online instead of Google Lens. Now, by no stretch does Google Lens fail or not work properly. However, our tool is ideal for all the reasons mentioned above. 

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